Paint Arena Moderator Registration

“with great power comes great responsibility” – Benjamin Parker

Sign up to volunteer as a moderator to keep Paint Arena safe and pleasant:


Rights and Responsibilities of Volunteer Moderators for Paint Arena


  • right to listen to a user
  • right to view a user’s drawings
  • right to speak to a user to give a verbal warning
  • right to message a user to give a written warning
  • right to mute a user for making verbal harassment, hate speech, fraud, or scams
  • right to unmute a user to give a second chance
  • right to kick a user for making verbal harassment, hate speech, fraud, or scams, or offensive drawings
  • right to question or challenge another moderator’s decision and/or report to the administrator


  • responsible for encouraging a friendly, positive, collaborative atmosphere
  • responsible for protecting everyone, especially kids, from harassment, abuse, fraud, or scams
  • responsible for always trying to deescalate the situation first by listening to all parties involved
  • responsible for using constructive criticism and professional language  (no swearing)
  • responsible for reporting repeat offenders to the administrator for permanent ban
  • responsible for justifying your own decisions and actions
  • responsible for not pushing any personal agenda, political, religious, commercial, or otherwise
  • responsible for keeping of your authentication details (username, password, etc) to yourself