Room Scanner Frequently Asked Questions

1. What voice commands are available in Room Scanner?

Voice commands are enclosed in square brackets “[” and “]” in the step by step instructions. Here is a list of voice commands intended for users:

  • [Start Spatial Mapping]
  • [Load Selected Room]
  • [Continue with Photos]
  • [Back to Menu]
  • [Save Spatial Mesh]
  • [Take Photo]
  • [Delete Last Photo]
  • [Finalize Texture]
  • [Open Minimap]
  • [Close Minimap]
  • [Take Snapshot]
  • [Start Video Capture]
  • [Hide Instructions]
  • [Show Instructions]

2. Can you share some best practices?

Before launching the app:

  • Shut down all other apps to allow sufficient memory for this app.
  • Start from a cool temperature state (e.g. do not start the app right after a long video capture session)
  • If first time scanning a room: Remove the existing space from Settings > Systems > Spaces and get a clean scan of a single room.
  • Stand up and face forward, while launching the app and waiting for it to load. Hold steady.

While in app:

  • Choose an area with medium light exposure (out of the entire room) for the first photo.
  • Start taking first photo from a forward facing position while standing. Hold steady.
  • Stand as far back as possible to get a larger coverage area of the wall you are facing.
  • Hold steady during processing or loading to reduce performance load on the HoloLens.
  • Once happy with the final result, take a snapshot of the 3D minimap for future reference.

3. What does the green cube do?

The green cube acts as an anchor for the 3D minimap. You can tap it to move it when the 3D minimap is closed, and tap it again to place it.


4. Where can I find my video captures and snapshots?

Videos: You can view the videos in the Photos app (on HoloLens) and find them under Mixed Reality Capture on the Windows Device Portal.

Snapshots: You can find the snapshot photos under the File Explorer > Camera Roll on the Windows Device Portal.. The file names begin with “RoomScanner”, so you might have to sort or scroll down the list to find them.


5. What to do if the app crashes or hangs?

The most common reasons for app crashes and hangs are:

  • The HoloLens ran out of memory, usually because other apps running in the background took up some memory
  • The internal temperature of the HoloLens exceeded thresholds, after usage of this or other apps over a long period of time. Warm ambient temperature could also be a factor.

As discussed in the best practices in answers to Question 2, these can be addressed by:

  • Shut down all other apps to allow sufficient memory for this app before launching.
  • Start from a cool temperature state (e.g. wake-up after 15 min sleep).

Depending on the state immediately prior to the crash, you may be able to view or continue your previous work:

  • If crashed while Finalizing Texture, you can shut down the app, then relaunch the app, and use [Load Selected Room] on the local room. The app will probably finish processing and display the final results.
  • If crashed while Taking Photos, you can shut down the app, then relaunch the app, and use [Continue with Photos] on the local room. The app will load all the photos already taken. Once loaded, you can continue taking photos.

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