HoloLens Room Scanner

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Product Description:

Capture a full-colour 3D model of any room using Microsoft Hololens, which acts as a stand-alone, all-in-one device for capturing, processing, visualizing the 3D models of rooms.

Current features include:

  1. 3D Minimap
  2. Player Animation
  3. Multi-Room Save & Load
  4. Optimized Performance for HoloLens
  5. Auto Room Recognition
  6. Undo Previous Captures
  7. Built-in Snapshot & Video Capture
  8. Voice Commands and Instructions

Use Cases and Applications:

  1. Portals (link) and Lasers (link)
  2. X-Ray Vision (link)
  3. In-Game 3D Minimap (link)

Product Roadmap:

  1. Local Export Plugin
  2. Network Sharing
  3. Multi-User Shared Experience
  4. Interactible Object Store

Development Updates:

Public Beta Launch Demo and Store Release 2017-09-27:

Private Beta among HoloLens Developers (UI and Workflow) 2017-08-31:

Performance Optimization (Compression & Compute Shader) 2017-06-30:

Multi-Room Save & Load (Anchor & Persistence) 2017-02-27:

Save & Load (Serialization) 2017-02-07:

Proof of Concept with 3D minimap 2016-09-16:

Initial Proof of Concept 2016-09-12: