HoloLens D3D Keyboard

Now available on Unity Asset Store:

NEW Release: v1.2c!/content/83884 (compatible with the new input pattern of HoloToolkit, version as of 2017-02-22)



30-day free-trial on Windows App Store, available on HoloLens only:

Demo videos:

Product Description: 

Full-size 3D keyboard utility for Microsoft HoloLens app developers, for D3D build in Windows Holographic platform, enabling in-App username / password / url / comment entries.

New features added in v1.2:
1. Scale up/down keyboard voice commands
2. Leave / remove note voice commands
3. Visual feedback for tapping any key
4. Special key symbols replacing “shf”, “spc”, “bs”, and “rt”
5. Re-arranged high-usage keys to optimize user experience

Organized as drag-and-drop prefabs.

Hand-crafted keyboard includes: uppercase, lowercase, digits, and most symbols available on standard English keyboards. Special keys: Shift; Space; Backspace; Return. Non-special keys can be easily customized without coding (instructions included).

Built-in with Show/Hide (green) button and Move/Pin voice commands for HoloLens.

Bonus 1: Source code C# scripts are included.
Bonus 2: Four original recordings of keyboard sound.
Bonus 3: A test scene is included for demonstration purposes using Gaze, Gesture, and Voice with this keyboard utility on HoloLens (setup instructions included).

HoloToolkit is included in the test scene for demo purposes only and is licensed by Microsoft under MIT license.

Mixed Reality Captures and Screenshots:

20161224_115855_HoloLens 20161224_115948_HoloLens hololens-d3d-keyboard-hiddenUnityPlayViewUnityPlayView2

















HoloLens 3D Scanner

currently under development

HoloLens 3D miniMap

currently under development