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Alex Kipman (creator of HoloLens) tweeted about our Room Scanner app launch 2017-09-26:

Imaginative Universal: “10 questions with Sky Zhou”, posted by James Ashley  2017-09-20:

10 Questions with Sky Zhou


The Holo Herald ranked our Room Scanner app at #2 in its “Top 5 HoloLens Apps | Fall 2017”  2017-09-06:

Microsoft HoloLens tweeted “Bravo”, to a Pacific Rim clip that Sky made with HoloLens Actiongram  2017-07-06:

Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast 2017-04-08: 45-minute feature interview by AR expert Joseph Rampolla

AR Dirt 61: AR Soars with Microsoft Hololens in Sky Zhou Interview

Next.Reality.News 2017-02-08:

“After first showing his local spatial map with a simple green and white texture, a simple voice command causes the room textures to appear. He then scales the spatial map down to what he calls a miniMap, which includes an animated person in the scene to represent his location and orientation in the room.”

Next.Reality.News 2017-01-09:

“The 1.2 update of this keyboard adds visual indications that you’re typing in addition to click sounds, a way to scale up or down the keyboard, new arrangement of keys, and as mentioned before, the option to leave a note behind by saying ‘leave note’ to drop the note, and ‘move keyboard’ and “pin keyboard’ to reposition the keyboard away from the note.”

Microsoft HoloLens 2016-12-14: Actiongram Fantasy Contest Quest Winner

Next.Reality.News 2016-12-06:

“…Matrix Inception, has done it again. With an Xbox One controller in hand, watch as he makes these Pokémon battle it out Smash Brothers-style in his HoloLens app.”

TWCN 2016-10-06:

Microsoft HoloLens developer highlights interesting video game idea

WinBeta 2016-10-04:

New Microsoft HoloLens project previews the future of first-person shooter video games