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Peeking thru HoloLens Portal

A couple of months ago, @KennywDev published a viral video (link) of his amazing Portal fan project based on HoloLens. In the video, we saw the companion cube falling according to mixed reality physics, into and out from the Portals on walls, ceilings, floors. It was a very inspirational moment for all of us. Kenny was so kind to share his work on github this month (link).

We extended Kenny’s project, adding the ability to see through the Portal. In simple terms, this means that after placing two Portals in a room, one Portal has to show what the you would see as if you were standing right behind the other Portal, and vice versa, to give the special visual effect of space-time wormhole. According to Kenny himself, this was the most fan-requested feature (link).

For those familiar with our previous video updates, you could see that we utilized our custom-built, photo-textured spatial mapping capabilities in this demo to achieve the above mentioned effects. We had lots of fun exploring 3d spaces and viewing angles in ways previously unfamiliar, such as viewing the bottom of our virtual character’s shoes!  We also had a meta moment staring into the Portal on the wall in front of us, seeing our virtual self staring into the Portal on the wall… and this could be recursive, except for the number of draw calls required 🙂

HoloLens Video Selfie, added on 2017-05-30:

We created a virtual replica of Sky in 3D form (wearing his favorite HoloLens, of course), and visualized it for the first time on HoloLens. He took selfies of his virtual self via double HoloLens Portals. His comment on this almost incredible experience: “I feel immortalized.”  We hope this example brings you plenty of inspirations for other fun projects!

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