HoloLens RoomScanner

HoloLens RoomScan Optimization

At the outset, we challenged ourselves to test the limits of HoloLens and delivery the most exciting frontier experience. This meant incorporating as many features as possible, such as lasers in the Portal fan project extension and water gun in the Pokemon fan project. We believed that next generation hardware would deliver better performance which would make the frame rates smooth.

However, user experience is our #1 criterion and driver. As soon as we realized that a low frame rate had become a hindrance to a good user experience, we switched gears and embarked on a journey towards 60 frames per second. This all thanks to your critical feedback about the low frame rates in our previous videos.

Using frame debugger and performance graphs, we identified several memory hogs and GPU bottlenecks. We then rewrote texture shaders, compute shaders, and C# classes for the underlying storage structure and execution threads. With a little bit of luck, our efforts finally raised the frame rate to steady 29 fps. We are semi-happy with this result because it meant that we beat the 24 fps (the standard frame rate for films), but we are still only halfway to 60 fps (HoloLens official performance target). We welcome ideas and suggestions for improving frame rates and any other feedback or requests.

Cheers and Happy Canada Day!  Flag For Canada Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)


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