HoloLens RoomScanner

HoloLens Room Scanner Private Beta

Exciting NEWS: we launched a private beta of our HoloLens Room Scanner app recently among select HoloLens developers. From this great HoloDevelopers community (slack channel hosted by Jesse McCulloch), we obtained valuable feedback which already helped us fix critical bugs and make significant improvements (we already iterated to version 1.0.5 within a week). Big thanks to all the developers who participated in the private beta. Here is a taste of what the private beta looked like:


Based on the survey results, we are also adding some exciting features to our roadmap for future releases:

  1. model export
  2. network sharing
  3. shared experience
  4. interactible objects

We are currently working on UI to improve user experience and debugging to pass Windows App Certification tests. Luckily, some friendly folks from Microsoft offered to help with debugging. As soon as we pass the Windows App Certification tests for the Windows Store, we would start a public beta. Please SIGN UP HERE and be the first ones to try!

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