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HoloLens Room Scanner Hallway Online

We concluded our first public beta of HoloLens Room Scanner on October 31, 2017. Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta. Based on the beta participants’ feedback, we prioritized our development towards sharing of room scans. To that end, we built a web-based portal for user account creation and login into the app. This will allow users to upload their own room scans and share with others, as shown in the video below.

To make the user experience more intuitive, we made a life-size infinite hallway model as the 3D UI for viewing room scans. This allows users to load each room scan by opening up a door, and walking into it. We implemented some stencil shaders to achieve the effect of looking back into the hallway through the open door like a magic portal. Of course, we kept the most beloved 3d minimap feature as well.

Before long, we shall call for our second public beta. Stay tuned!

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