First Impression of Samsung WindowsMR Headset

On October 3rd, Alex Kipman ushered in the era of Windows Mixed Reality:

On the same day, we ordered a set of Samsung WindowsMR Headset bundle (full product name: Samsung HMD Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers). We could have ordered a WMR immersive headset from another brand, but we wanted this premium product because this was the only brand to ship with headphones and microphones.

After 33 days of waiting, we received the Samsung WindowsMR Headset bundle on November 6th, the first day of its availability. Check out our quick unboxing video here:

This was followed by a more comprehensive review. We were quite impressed by the tracking accuracy of the motion controllers.

From now on, we will delve into the immersive section of mixed reality continuum, while not forgetting the amazing HoloLens. So let the fun begin!


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