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Peeking thru HoloLens Portal

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsVkQTAq7kg A couple of months ago, @KennywDev published a viral video (link) of his amazing Portal fan project based on HoloLens. In the video, we saw the companion cube falling according to mixed reality physics, into and out from the Portals on walls, ceilings, floors. It was a very inspirational moment for all of us. […]

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Spy X-Ray Vision

Imagine 007 had a gadget in his pocket which allows him to see through walls, wouldn’t that be convenient? That’s exactly what we were trying to demonstrate in this mixed reality video, seeing through stairs, doors, and walls. We were able to achieve this effect, by first taking a textured 3D scan of the space behind […]

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HoloLens Pokemon Smash

HoloLens Gaming update: Outdoor test of smash-style mini-game with Pokemons (Pikachu and Squirtle). Features include: xbox controller gameplay, enemy AI, spatial mapping & occlusion of deck & backyard, gravity, soft-particle rendering of lightning, explosion and water spray.  As you can see in the video, winter is here! Feedback and feature requests are welcome! P.S. Luckily, […]

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HoloLens Lady Reloaded: Bird’s Eye View

HoloLens Lady Reloaded update, features: xbox controller input, enhanced 3D minimap, and self-representation within minimap. This provides a 3rd-person bird’s eye view of holographic interactions, as previously seen in the first person shooter demos titled “Lightning Strikes Back” and “Zapocana”. First time working with an Xbox One controller on the HoloLens, and this was a […]

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Zapocana and the Gunsmith

It has been a very busy month for Matrix Inception on business development, instead of code development. Zapocana is the Part 2 video to HoloLens Lightning Strikes Back, with a space captain and split screen actions. To showcase HoloLens technology to an even bigger audience, we had the pleasure of collaborating with a good friend, the Gunsmith, […]

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Hololens Lady Warrior Loaded

Another month has gone by. Developing for Hololens was a very emotionally rewarding experience. You can see your creations in action and share your experience with others. Of course, the happiness is only amplified because of all the frustration that happened during debugging, before you get everything to work as designed.   Without further ado, here is my playing […]

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Hololens Lady Warrior

Yes, it’s been 2 weeks since I got my Hololens, and I still haven’t made a post… I was too late to the party for uploading an unboxing video anyways, so instead let me share a mixed-reality capture of animations, voice commands, and spatial mapping. The idea is simple: gaze at a position on the spatial-mapped floor, and use […]