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HoloLens Room Scanner Public Beta

First ONE: We launched the first public beta of our HoloLens Room Scanner in the Windows App Store this week. #HoloLens RoomScanner public beta starts tomorrow – Demo video: (will share Store link once it's live) #mixedreality — Sky Z (@skyzdev) September 26, 2017 This means anyone with a HoloLens can now download it […]

HoloLens RoomScanner

HoloLens Room Scanner Private Beta

Exciting NEWS: we launched a private beta of our HoloLens Room Scanner app recently among select HoloLens developers. From this great HoloDevelopers community (slack channel hosted by Jesse McCulloch), we obtained valuable feedback which already helped us fix critical bugs and make significant improvements (we already iterated to version 1.0.5 within a week). Big thanks to all the developers who participated […]

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Short Films Made with HoloLens

This July was full of excitement for video production. Firstly, in response to the many creative ideas, realized using Apple’s newly announced ARKit, Sky made a quick Pacific Rim video using HoloLens Actiongram. The warm reception of this video on Twitter was a pleasant surprise for all of us. Later in July, we released 2 videos made […]

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Meeting Actiongram Team in Seattle

Waking up in Seattle, getting ready for meeting @HoloLens Actiongram team today, pleasantly surprised by new sci-fi holograms! — Sky Z (@skyzdev) May 10, 2017 Earlier in May, I had the pleasure of travelling to Seattle and meeting with Microsoft Actiongram team. The team was very well organized and the experience was well coordinated. Among […]

GameDev HoloLens

Peeking thru HoloLens Portal A couple of months ago, @KennywDev published a viral video (link) of his amazing Portal fan project based on HoloLens. In the video, we saw the companion cube falling according to mixed reality physics, into and out from the Portals on walls, ceilings, floors. It was a very inspirational moment for all of us. […]