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Beaming Lasers on HoloLens Portal

Our last update (link) showcased the ability of seeing through the Portal, but we wanted to make sure lights don’t just go one-way in Portal, so we added lasers! In this video example above, the Turret is beaming out a laser which goes through the Portals until it hits a solid object such as the sofa and sparks, while our eyes can see through the Portal and find where the laser hits and sparks with laser sharp precision. 🙂

In our second example below, we set up a laser field (4 lasers) in between 2 library bookshelves. We also held up the laser Turret as an engraving tool!

You may never guess, but the hardest part in making a holographic laser appear realistic is how to make them look straight and multiply when incident on the Portals.

Again, we would like to thank @Kennywdev for sharing his original fan project (link). The idea of lasers came from our fan pumpuppthevolume’s request on Youtube. Thank you! To all our fans, we love your requests and please keep them coming!

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