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Peeking thru HoloLens Portal A couple of months ago, @KennywDev published a viral video (link) of his amazing Portal fan project based on HoloLens. In the video, we saw the companion cube falling according to mixed reality physics, into and out from the Portals on walls, ceilings, floors. It was a very inspirational moment for all of us. […]

GameDev HoloLens

Spy X-Ray Vision

Imagine 007 had a gadget in his pocket which allows him to see through walls, wouldn’t that be convenient? That’s exactly what we were trying to demonstrate in this mixed reality video, seeing through stairs, doors, and walls. We were able to achieve this effect, by first taking a textured 3D scan of the space behind […]

HoloLens RoomScanner

HoloLens RoomScan Reloaded

To achieve this, we added “save & load” functions into our existing library of 3D scanning utility with full-colour texture mapping. While it was tempting to simply save the texture files, download from Windows Device Portal, and then rebuild in Unity, that wouldn’t be a very mobile solution. Here is our approach: 3D scanning, texture capturing, and graphics processing […]

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WWTO 2017 HoloLens Demo

Last night (2017-01-25), we had the pleasure of doing live demos at #WWTO #WeAreWearbles event at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Canada. Here are some photos from the event. We showcased our textured 3D-scanning, several games, and a minimap visualization of the show floor. Lessons learned: Crowded floor is not ideal for mixed reality demos involving […]

HoloLens Keyboard

HoloLens D3D Keyboard v1.2 Upgrade

Happy to announce HoloLens D3D Keyboard version 1.2 upgrade (outdated by v1.2c), available in Unity Asset Store:!/content/78916 New features added in v1.2: 1. Scale up/down keyboard voice commands 2. Leave / remove note voice commands 3. Visual feedback for tapping any key 4. Special key symbols replacing “shf”, “spc”, “bs”, and “rt” 5. Re-arranged high-usage keys to optimize […]

GameDev HoloLens

HoloLens Pokemon Smash

HoloLens Gaming update: Outdoor test of smash-style mini-game with Pokemons (Pikachu and Squirtle). Features include: xbox controller gameplay, enemy AI, spatial mapping & occlusion of deck & backyard, gravity, soft-particle rendering of lightning, explosion and water spray.  As you can see in the video, winter is here! Feedback and feature requests are welcome! P.S. Luckily, […]